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FIRMA FILMS is a film production house based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Founded in 2008 by Adar Shafran and
Roni Abramowsky out of enduring passion for filmmaking, FIRMA FILMS, specializes in feature films, TV series, short films and a variety of other creative projects.


With hundreds of shooting days and numerous successfully executed co-productions and service productions under our belts, FIRMA FIMS is guided by sensitivity for the unique character and integrity
of each individual project, from early development to fostering close personal connections between the filmmakers with whom we collaborate.



FIRMA FILMS offers a turnkey production service in Israel, specially designed for both domestic and foreign film projects.

Ranging from high budget to low budget films and high-quality TV series, our production team’s vast experience allows us to offer cost-effective, tailor-made production services that will suit any production budget and needs.

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